Radio KM City

Pirátské kroměřížské rádio
Cobra Couder
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We were broadcasting on FM frequency 88.8 MHz in Kroměříž area
since 7th till 16th July 2007.
The strength of the transmitter was 5W. The radius of the broadcasting area
was 4 kilometers.

2007 advert download

2007 crew video

2007 hardware

FM Transmitter FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter and power source Antenna Antenna

Headphones and Mic Panasonic RX-DT680

Linux Our most loayal listeners

Online streaming

In June 2009 we started to stream online music.
However, after few days we had to stop, because THEY fought against us.

Now in 2010 we are back. More powerful, more stronger then ever before...